Our organization
An intermediary between the demand for Dutch cycling expertise and Dutch parties that can deliver. The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public private network for sustainable bicycle inclusive mobility. We represent the best of Dutch Cycling: knowledge, experience and experts offered by private companies, NGO’s, research institutions, national and local governments.

Our mission
Cycling for Everyone.

We want to share our expertise and technology as the world’s number one cycling country to facilitate cycling worldwide as the most modern, efficient and sustainable method of transport. The growing interest in Dutch practices in urban transport is mainly due to a transition of the transport sector towards sustainability and the rediscovery of the bicycle as a means of transport. Cycling not only contributes significantly to urban mobility, road safety and emission reductions, but has also positive impacts on the economy, social inclusion and health.

Worldwide the Netherlands has the highest bicycle use and provides the widest range of cycling know-how, products and infrastructure. With over 40 years of experience in bicycle policy and practical bicycle solutions, the Netherlands are a unique international testing ground. It is our mission to share this experience with you.

Our offer 
To put you in touch with Dutch experts.

We are a partner to foreign parties that want to promote their cycling with the help of Dutch expertise. The Dutch Cycling Embassy answers questions and requests about Dutch cycling standards and receives delegations from all over the world. Whether your goals involve research, planning, policy-making, product development, manufacturing, construction or building, we can help you find the best possible partners.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy acts as an intermediary between a number of different parties:

  • ‘government to government’ exchange (e.g. knowledge-sharing)
  • ‘business-to-government’ (incl. consultancy and construction of bicycle parking and other facilities)
  • ‘business to business’ (e.g. bicycle parts)
  • ‘business to consumer’ (e.g. bicycle industry).